Heart Murmurs Streaming on NPR

Last night as I was doing my annual drunken Grammy tweeting I had a tweet pop up that NPR has my album Heart Murmurs streaming on their website.  Ruh oh.

The album doesn’t come out until Feb 4th, if you’re interested in previewing it click HERE. Otherwise you can pre-order the album on iTunes (includes an instant download of my single “Ghost”), grab digital or physical copies off Amazon, purchase CDs or Vinyl from my website (orders go out on Wed Jan 29th), or stream “Ghost” on Spotify or Rdio. There are no shortage of options.

If you are in the Twin Cities and happen to pre-order the album via The Electric Fetus I’ll be playing a private breakfast performance at the store on Feb 16th. Details are here.

As always, my previous albums are available on Bandcamp as “Pay What You Want” downloads. Whether its $5, $10, etc. the option is yours.